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What is Reglazing?

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Reglazing is a coined word that evolved to describe a process of refinishing bathtubs and sinks using a material that cures to a very hard porcelain like finish.  There are many different materials and processes in use in the industry.  There are cheaper materials in, auto paint, and there are a variety of special formulations designed specifically for the reglazing application.  

Reglazing has become a very popular kitchen and bathroom solution because it is fast, inexpensive, surprisingly durable,  available in any solid color and can be produced in some speckled finishes as well.  It can transform an old worn bathtub, sink or countertop surface into a beautiful new fixture that greatly enhances the desirability of a kitchen or bathroom.  

Our reglazing process produces a finish that is very hard and durable with a look and feel that is very much like a true porcelain finish.   

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