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If within 5 years after the service date of your fixture, you have a warranty service request for a coating failure send an email to: requesting a warranty service. Make sure you include the invoice number, name and full job site address, with unit numbers, with pictures. Pictures are required for verification.

If item is under warranty, per our warranty policy (at our option), will gladly redo the repair or reglaze (at our option) at no charge.

Note that our warranty is not transferable.

Once you receive our reply with a Warranty Service (or Quality Control) Order number the fixture can be scheduled to be repaired or resurfaced.

Our company is not responsible for rents or any accommodation that may be needed to relocate occupants of the property during process or curing of repair and/or reglazing.

A fee for extra masking on occupied units will be charged depending on square feet of property.

Pacific Reglazing and its owners are not liable under any circumstances for any loss or damage resulting from the use of our repaired or reglazed fixtures, wether the reglaze failed or not.

Pacific Reglazing's liability is limited to the redo of the original repair or reglaze according to the warranty terms described on the original service order under the warranty section.

Pacific Reglazing makes no other warranties expressed or implied about our products or services. The company and its owners are not liable for any direct, incidental or consequential damages resulting from or in connection with the use of any of our repaired, cleaned, remodeled or reglazed fixtures.


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