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Q): What is "Reglazing"?
A): Reglazing is a coined word. It is a special kind of surface repair and refinishing process designed for bathtubs and other porcelain fixtures.  Because of the low cost and effectiveness of the process it is often used on laminate counters, wall tile and fiberglass as well.  The process is done in-place without heat.  The material used produces a very hard simulated porcelain that looks and feels like a brand new porcelain finish when professionally completed.  When applied to counters it is usually colored and often slightly textured which gives it a slick new look for counter tops.

Q): What is the reglazing process?

A): First the surface is thoroughly cleaned with industrial cleaners to remove any soap scum, mineral buildup etc. Then, any chips, holes, cracks and damaged areas are repaired and filled with special fillers to make the surface smooth and even. The entire surface is sanded and then etched and primed with a bonding agent to ensure an excellent bond with the finish. (This is one of the steps some refinishers cut corners to reduce costs. We are often called out to repair work done by inexperienced or cut-rate tub refinishers when their surface begins to peel through incomplete preparation). Once fully prepared the surface is sprayed with a high-tech acrylic coating that hardens to form a new shiny surface that looks and feels like the original porcelain. 

Q): What material do you use?
A): We use only the highest quality materials available.

Q): How do I take care of the new surface?
A): Abrasive cleaners should be avoided in order to ensure the new reglazed surface keeps its appealing fresh new shine. Abrasive cleaners will dull the surface over a period of time. In fact the same is true of a regular porcelain finish.  Reglazed surfaces are easy to keep fresh and clean. They do not require harsh chemicals or rough scrubbing. Cleaning the surface with a gentle cleaner such as the scrubbing bubble cleaners is all it takes to keep the surface clean and looking new. Constant dripping or constant wetness can cause a problem over a long period of time. For this reason we recommend against the use of  rubberized mats.  The surface is not as slippery as a porcelain finish so mats are not really necessary. 

Q): How soon before the surface can be used?
A): The surface is ready for use after 48 hours. Absolutely nothing should be put on the new surface for this period.  Water drops will damage the new surface before it has cured so any use at all should be avoided for a 48 hour period.

Q): What about your warranty?
A): Our refinishing services are covered by a 5 year service warranty. Full details of the warranty are available on request. We have been in business since 1991 and have an excellent reputation for service and always honor our warranty. Our service motto is "we do it right the first time" and we work hard to work by this motto. On the occasion we fail to fully live up to that standard we are anxious to take care of the problem as fast and thoroughly as possible.  It is company policy to ensure there is no bad work any where associated with our name.  Be wary of individuals and companies who offer a warranty but fail to back it up by never returning your calls, who aren't organized to honor it, or who won't be around in a couple of years when you need them. We have to re-do many jobs done by other companies and many of them were supposedly covered by a warranty that was never honored. 

Q): What can be reglazed?
A): Porcelain bathtubs and sinks, fiberglass bathtubs, laminate and tile counters, showers and walls, cultured marble counters, and old appliances are all commonly refinished. We have samples in our show room plus many before and after shots. Some of those before and after photos are available on this web site. 

Q): Why would I reglaze rather than replace?
A): Save time and money! You can save 80-85% over the cost of replacing an item. For example, a bathtub can easily cost upward  or $1,500.00 to replace by the time you tear out the old tub, dispose of it, buy a new tub and have it installed, have a plumber refit the drain and faucet, then fix any damage to walls or tile surrounding the tub.  It is very common that to remove an old tub the doorway has to be widened or the the tub has to be cut in two.  These things add a lot of time and money to the project.  If you plan on doing a full remodel  that is the time to think about replacing old fixtures.  Some old fixtures should be kept and refinished because of their desirability as original fixtures or antiques. One time a fixture should be replaced is when it is extremely rusted such as can occur with low cost thin pressed steel bathtubs.  Once a steel tub has rusted through it should be replaced. 

Q): Can I choose a different color?
A): Yes. We can match any color you choose. Our standard colors are white and almond. These are the most common colors for porcelain finishes. Other colors can be reproduced for an additional charge.

Q): Can you fix chips and stains?
A): Yes. We can repair chips, stains, burn marks, knife marks, holes, gouge scratches and other damage. There may be a slight halo but often the repair is practically undetectable. If the rest of the surface is in very good condition the damaged area alone can often be repaired as a spot repair avoiding the need to refinish the entire surface.  

Q): Can you fix fiberglass cracks?

A): This is one of our most popular service requests. Fiberglass bathtubs and showers commonly crack over a period of time when not well supported. Plumbers sometimes have to cut holes in the fiberglass wall to access pipes. Many owners think they have to replace the entire unit but we can repair it on site at a much lower cost.  When the cause of the crack is insufficient support below the floor of the tub or shower unit, we repair this error by rebuilding the floor and filling the space below the floor of the unit with a hardening foam, then patch the crack and refinish it to look like new.

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