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Home owners often go to the large Home Improvement stores for services actually being provided by other local contractors, and pay a lot more than if they had dealt directly with the local contractor themselves.  

Pacific Reglazing is a local contractor servicing the greater Los Angeles area. We take care of you every step of the way.  A kitchen remodeling project is an important and personal process, and needs personal and undivided attention.  This is something  Pacific Reglazing understands.   

In addition to finding a quality door style right for you, be sure to ask yourself these questions before choosing a store or contractor:

  • How many different people are you dealing with?  (should only be about 1 or 2)

  • Will the designer or salesman actually see your kitchen? (Necessary for real personal service and convenience)

  • How many different contractors will be working on your project? (a simple project should not require additional contractors) 

  • Does the estimate given include all charges? (make sure to compare apples with apples, additional charges are often hidden)

What to expect from Pacific Reglazing.

  • A representative will come out to your home to show you cabinet door samples, take measurements, and discuss your options.  He will either give you a price on the spot or set up a second appointment to review the final bid at your home and at your convenience.  

  • Once a final order is placed the material will generally take about 7-10 business days and will be delivered to your home.

  • Scheduling of the project is coordinated with the Project Manager and our own installers do the work as scheduled.

Our work is carried out by Pacific Reglazing employees.  We very rarely use outside contractors and will tell you if this is necessary for some reason. 

What does it cost?

Our re-facing services are extremely competitive.  We have seen bids as high as three times our price for the same service.  The large stores and many contractors use loose pricing methods that have a large mark-up so that a safe price can easily be given by a salesman.  A common example is to simply count the number of doors and multiply this by a an inflated multiplier, or to measure the square footage of cabinet face and multiply that by a per-square-foot multiplier.  These methods only work for the contractor because they use an inflated, safe multiplier with room for variations that occur.  Home improvement stores charge an additional mark-up on the contractors price, further inflating the cost.

We actually do a full and detailed price work. This ensures we are giving you the best price we can give, and there are no middle-man price mark-ups either since you are dealing direct.

What is the Installation Process?

Once materials arrive we do a material inspection. This is performed to ensure that ALL material arrives in acceptable condition to start installation.  

Upon completion of the material inspection, the installation is scheduled.

We will cover all door openings, walkways, and passages with plastic, plus floor surfaces as necessary.

Next we remove existing doors and drawer fronts  We then remove any cabinet moldings that are going to be replaced. We remove any loose and/or peeling coatings,  any depressions in the wood we will fill in with wood putty.

We then electric sand down your frames to insure that a high quality bone will take place. We now prepare all your existing exposed cabinet frames to accept the self-adhesive coverings or laminate. Next, all sides, rails, and stiles are finished.

We flush out the underside of your upper cabinets to ensure a quality look and prevent dirt build from underneath your cabinets.

Next, your beautiful new door and drawer fronts are installed.  

All moldings, toe kicks, bumper pads and hinges are installed.

We then inspect our work with you from top to bottom to insure your complete satisfaction. 



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