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Transform the look of your kitchen 
without a full remodel!

Cabinet Re-facing
is a lower cost upgrade that can transform a kitchen like a full remodel.  If the configuration of your kitchen does not need to change, replacing the existing cabinets is rarely necessary.  

Rundown, ugly, over-painted and outdated cabinets can be given a brand new life.  By installing all NEW DOORS and DRAWER FRONTS which are available in a large variety of styles and finishes, old cabinets can be completely transformed.  The exterior of the frame and sides of the cabinet can be covered with paneling and veneers that match the new finish of the door and drawer fronts selected.  Re-facing allows you to quickly upgrade a kitchen at a FRACTION OF THE COST and TIME of a full kitchen remodel.

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Why Choose Pacific Reglazing for 
your Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade?

1.  LOWEST COST - Many contractors have over-simplified formulas used to price a cabinet re-facing job.  These simple formulas make it easier for a salesman to provide a fast quote. However there are many variables in an accurate material and labor cost estimate.  Each choice has a different cost.  To make a simple formula work, a contractor must build in a large buffer to allow for the uncertainties in the bid and the possibility of price variations. 

We spend time to price your job exactly to save you money anywhere we can.  We know price is a prime concern.  Unlike advertised re-facing services such as services through the bid home improvement stores,  we do not use sub-contractors which means there is no additional mark-up added to the price of the job.     When you hire us, you are getting the lowest possible "wholesale" price.

2. FAST AND EASY - You will deal with one company from the sale through the completion of the job.  This saves time and frustration compared to dealing with the big stores, because you only have to explain your needs to one person who will oversee your job through to your full and complete satisfaction.  Once materials arrive, we are typically in and out of a kitchen in 2 days. 

3. QUALITY - We use high quality doors and materials and well trained and experienced installers.  Our laminate counters are custom built on-site which means they fit exactly and do not buckle at the corner joints over time like pre-fabricated counters often do.

4. SIMPLICITY - Deal with one vendor for all of your budget remodeling needs. We will recommend the best solution.  Since we also do repairs, we will never try to sell you on replacing an item that doesn't need to be replaced if it can be repaired at a lower cost.

See choice of available styles

Call us now for an estimate or questions about our 
Cabinet Re-facing service. 
1-800-55PACIFIC or (818) 541-0404.  Or Email

We look forward to being of service to you! 


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