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Laminate Countertops: Reglaze or Replace?

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My laminate countertops need improvement. What are my options?

Pacific Reglazing has now improved on thousands of countertops by conveniently and inexpensively REGLAZING the surfaces. In an effort to MEASURE UP to the needs of our customers we have expanded our services to focus on meeting ALL of your needs. What happens if the countertop is beyond repair? What happens if you want a new design or pattern? If these are questions you are asking yourself then you may need to replace the countertop with a durable laminate. Why deal with two or three different vendors when you can simply deal with one? Pacific Reglazing has broadened its range of work specifically to be more suitable to you.


Reglazing is a process using a sprayed on material that cures to a very hard finish. It is a very popular solution because it is fast, inexpensive and surprisingly durable, and available in any solid color and can be produced in some speckled finishes as well.  Price is the primary advantage over any other option.  It can transform an old worn surface into a beautiful countertop that enhances the desirability of a kitchen or bathroom.  Reglazing is a very good, low budget solution that makes it possible to avoid re-laminating an old laminate surface.

Re-placing may be necessary if the counter material (often particle board) has been water damaged causing it to swell which often leads to the lifting and / or peeling of the laminated surface. Little can be done other than to replace a counter where the base material of the counter has become swollen, warped or broken. Reglazing can not reproduced the patterns of a laminated surface, so designers with a little more budget to work with may opt to choose a laminate with a color and pattern that better suits the look they are after. Laminate surfaces are also somewhat more durable than a reglazed surface. The laminated surfaces are Chemical-Resistant, Fire Rated, and can withstand heavy traffic on their High Wear surfaces.  See colors available here.
We also offer CaesarStone® and granite. 

Now that you have been informed of your options the question is not necessarily what are my options but what option best suits my needs? Pacific Reglazing is here to help by starting things off with a free over the phone or in-home estimate. We look forward to being of service to you.

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