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There are two counter top services we provide:

  1. Repair and Refinishing

  2. Custom Laminate Counter Installation

Repair and Refinishing: 

Most problem counters can be improved using the reglazing process.  Laminate counters and tile counters are commonly  reglazed.  

Any chips and other damage are first repaired then the surface is prepared and reglazed.  The glazed finish covers any grout lines creating a smooth and easy to maintain surface not subject to grout line grime and mildew.  

As with any counter surface a reglazed counter require some care such as not using the surface as a cutting board.  

It is a low cost alternative to replacing an ugly counter.

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Custom Laminate Counter Installation:

Some counters should not be reglazed but should be replaced.  Our Custom counter services are affordable and superior to many laminate counter installations being done in homes and apartments today.  There is an increasing tendency to use cheap pre-fabricated counters. See article on counter options for more information about deciding on the best laminate counter solution for you. 
The laminate is available in many colors.

We also install CaesarStone® or granite.

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